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Vaginal labia tightening in Istanbul, Casablanca and Kuala Lumpur

Why you should have your vaginal labia tightening in Istanbul, Casablanca or Kuala Lumpur? we answer that these cities have the best recognized surgeons in that field and they are using the latest less invasive techniques, also you will get a good deal, for example this surgery will cost you 2 times less than in Europe or USA.

Most women who are subjected to childbirths experience, having genetic or some aging facts could result to them a high loss of the vaginal tightness, laxity of the muscles inside; even with exercises like Kigel the vaginal muscles may be not restored, so that make the women not able to give a better friction during the sexual experience which means also poor sexual sensation for you and your partner.

Vaginal rejuvenation surgery or vaginal tightening could be one of the best options to correct the vaginal stretched muscles; this surgery is performed under local or intravenous sedation and it takes around one hour to complete the surgery.

Vaginal labia tightening in istanbul

Vaginal tightening surgery plan

Before to start the intervention you will have to meet our surgeon for an initial consultation in which you will discuss the cosmetic goals you want achieve, you will be asked to provide any information about your past and present medical conditions. Then the surgeon will examine measure the areas subject of vaginal tightening for your medical record.


Step 1 -Anesthesia

for your comfort during the procedure our doctor will recommend the best option of intravenous sedation or general anesthesia.

Step 2 - The incision to tight the vagina

in general your surgeon will perform a V-shaped incision in the back of vaginal wall area. The incision touch from 4 to 8 positions in the following areas: hymeneal ring, vaginal opening up and above the anal verge. The skin that will be removed is the one of the vulvae vestibule and perineum and concerning the skin around the vagina will be peeled under the pelvic floor, then muscles will be made close precisely.

Vaginal labia tightening incisions in Casablanca

Step 3 - Closing the incisions

after removing the excess skin the incision will be discreetly stitched by dissolvable stitches. The stitches caused are soluble and didn’t appear because they will be inner.

After Labiaplasty care

After the first day the patient will notice swelling and bruising which need the daily self-care during 2 to 3 weeks, also you need to avoid sexual penetration for 6 weeks.

recovery for vaginaplasty in istanbul, turkey

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