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Teeth implants and crowns in Morocco, Turkey and Malaysia

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Teeth is like our fingers,because they have prominent facial aesthetic role and healthy digestive process, however with the aging process, disease and trauma fact people are commonly suffering from tooth loss, therefore the practice of teeth implants and dental crowns is being common, since the past few years providing support for replacement of missing teeth.  

Since an intensive research has been done on teeth implants designs, materials and techniques the industry now is offering multiples option and ultimate types, such as the two main types; Endosteal implants using titanium device shaped, like screws and placed in the jawbone – Subperiosteal implants for patients who do not have enough healthy natural jawbone, then the implants are placed under the gum but on, or above, the jawbone.


Teeth implants and Crowns candidate requirements

  • Healthy oral tissue.
  • Damaged or Missing one or more teeth.
  • Healthy jawbone or ability to have a bone graft.
  • Non-smoking.
  • Good health conditions for bone and tissue healing.
  • Looking forward to improve your speech.

What can I expect from teeth implants and crowns?

Over the time the jawbone is subjected to damage if you have missing teeth, so by teeth implants using crowns you prevent the deterioration , and you maintain your mouth and face anatomy, also you are going to avoid the poor fir, nerves pain and gum irritation, in general your teeth will kept healthy with long-term alternative to bridgework.


Teeth implants and crowns: procedures plan.

Step 1 -modeling and design

Our doctor dentist will take X-rays images and computed tomography (CT), then scan to visualize the jawbone, nerves and sinuses structures, then he will decide how to shape the teeth implant and where to place it.

Step 2 - extraction and gums preparation

unhealthy and withered or dead tooth will be extracted (if still present) then the gums needs about four to eight weeks as a healing duration.

Step 3 - implants insertion

The jawbone will be firstly prepared to hold the implant in place, and if need bone you might need bone grafts intervention, after that a titanium metal screw will be placed surgically into your jawbone and will be considered the base for the crown that will be placed atop.

Step 3 - crowns placement

After a healing period a small metal post will be attached to the implants, then the crowns will be placed.

teeth implants and crowns in turkey

How to recover from teeth implants ?

During each stage of your dental implant surgery, you may feel uncomfortable with any dental surgery type, the symptoms could be:

  • Infection and swelling or your mouth and gums.
  • Pain at the implant area.
  • Bleeding

Your doctor dentist will prescribe adaptable pain medications, or antibiotics after dental surgery. You diet will include only liquids and soft foods after each stage of the surgery.

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