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Snoring Treatment

Stop snoring surgery turkey, Morocco and Malaysia

You want perform a stop snoring surgery in turkey ( options: Morocco and Malaysia) because you snore loudly. You wake up tired – even after eight to ten hours of sleep. you toss and turn throughout the night. You have headaches in the morning? These are classic signs of sleep apnea, a serious and even deadly condition. Weight loss, surgery is possible solutions. Laser surgery will address your snoring problem by reducing the intensity of the sound by up to 70%.


Although there is no set definition of snoring, it is generally accepted that the term refers to a breathing sound that occurs during night-time or daytime sleep and can be inspiratory, expiratory, or both. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM), formerly known as the American Sleep Disorders Association, defines snoring as a sound originating from the upper airway that does not occur with apnea or hypoventilation, and that is caused by vibrations of different tissues in the pharynx. Surgical treatment of snoring consists of operating on the nose, mouth, and jaw using techniques involving scalpels, laser, and microwaves. We mostly performe the stop snoring surgery via nasal and pharyngeal interventions.

benefits of laser surgery to stop snoring?

The benefits of LA-UPPP procedures to stop snoring are many compared to conventional surgical methods. We handel the surgery  on an outpatient basis under a IV sedation and local anaesthesia. Over 90% of our patients treated have returned to work within a very short period of time. All of this adds up to less discomfort and more convenience for the patient. In addition, and most importantly are the results.

On the average, this procedure takes less than an hour but including pre-operative preparation; you can expect to be in our centers for approximately 3-4 hours. All procedures will be done while you are sedated to reduce any unwanted issues such as gagging or incontinence. Experience of the surgeon has a lot to do not only with how fast the procedure could be done but how well and how precise.

stop snoring surgery in turkey, morocco and malaysia

what stop snoring surgery is suitable for me ?

LAUP Laser-Assisted Uvuloplatoplasty:

LAUP is one of the efficient surgery to stop snoring and it does exist in our clinics (Istanbul, turkey. Casablanca, Morocco, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)  it’s performed under local or general anaesthetic and is considered to be a safer, more economical and a more comfortable alternative to UPPP. It involves vaporising the free edge of the soft palate and uvula using a laser. Unlike UPPP, LAUP can be repeated in order to obtain the desired effect. The number of procedures needed varies with some patients requiring up to four sessions. The tonsils are not removed with this procedure. Although laser surgery is associated with fewer complications than UPPP, post-operative pain is still reported as being severe.

during stop snoring treatment in istanbul hospital

CAPSO Palatal Stiffening

CAPSO or electrical cautery, burns the palate causing fibrosis and consequent stiffening of the soft palate. It is also used a means to remove a longitudinal strip of mucosa along the soft palate or uvula. This procedure is performed during a single out-patient visit under local anaesthetic. Because this procedure is less invasive than UPPP or LAUP there are generally fewer complications, however post-operative pain is similar to the other surgical methods.

UPPP Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty

UPPP usually involves removing the uvula and pharyngeal arches, partial removal of the soft palate and sometimes the tonsils then snoring is spoped permanently. This procedure is performed under general anaesthetic. Research indicates that UPPP is often complicated by severe post-operative pain. Additionally, there may be some long-term complications such as nasopharyngeal regurgitation, persistent palatal dryness, long-term voice changes and a partial loss of taste. UPPP is the only procedure that increases the width of the oropharynx. It has been shown that this could be useful in patients who palatal obstruction is caused by the side walls collapsing against each other.

before and after stop snoring surgery in turkey, morocco and malaysia to stop snoring in casablanca

Radio-Frequency Ablation Somnoplasty

Radio-frequency ablation is designed to shrink redundant tissue of the soft palate. The treatment involves heating the inner tissue to 85ºC which results in the tissue beneath the skin being scarred. Somnoplasty is minimally invasive and creates controlled lesions that have little effect on surrounding tissues. The procedure takes about 20 minutes, can be performed in an out-patient clinic and does not carry the same complications as the other procedures. However this is still a relatively new procedure and some surgeons prefer to perform the procedure under general anaesthetic. Somnoplasty generally requires the patient to undergo several treatment sessions but unlike the other procedures is much less painful. The applications of Somnoplasty are expanding and to date it is useful for turbinate and palate based snoring.

Recovery Period for Your Snoring surgery abroad .

Recovery from snoring surgery is incredibly fast. Patients are able to and encouraged to return to work and resume normal activity the day after the procedure. Of course each patient reacts differently to the treatment and recovers differently. since some professions may have restrictions for their employees to work if they are taking narcotic pain medications, such as pilots or truck drivers, etc. Patients are expected to have a sore throat for 12-14 days after the surgery. In addition, a soft food diet is recommended during recovery and we would provide a list of soft menu items.

Laser surgery to stop the snoring is a safe and very successful treatment for reducing snoring and sleep apnea. It is a minimally invasive treatment with no need for special arrangements, either pre- or post-therapy. Since no anaesthesia is needed, the treatment is well accepted by patients. Long-lasting effects –from one year up to 36 months – allow for high overall satisfaction among patients. NightLaser is supported by Evidence Based Dentistry.

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