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Smile makeover with dental veneers in Istanbul and Casablanca

in this article you will discover the process of the smile makeover with dental veneers in Istanbul and Casablanca.

Your teeth have been subjected to some defects, as yellowed teeth, the inhomogeneous color of enamel after taking medications and exposure to chemicals, also irregular single teeth, teeth of abnormal shape, cracks, chips, other enamel defects, voids between teeth as a result of gum recession, large gaps between teeth, diastemas, tremas. Nowadays the dental veneers is a proved solution for all these defected.

The dental veneers known as Hollywood smile is a thin layer of dental flakes with the color of the material placed on the front teeth. This is used to improve the appearance by restoring the size, shape and length of the teeth. If the patient wants to improve his smile, tooth scaling is a simple option. They look like natural teeth.

Benefit of smile makeover with dental veneers .

  • few treatment sessions (2-3 sessions) tou achieve natural looking appearance.
  • making strong and resistant teeth.
  • correction of teeth color and shape.

smile makeover with dental veneers in process

The entire process to achieve a ‘Hollywood Smile’ Makeover usually takes 2-3 dental visits, which range over a period of a week.

Step 1 -Consultation & Smile Assessment

During your Consultation & Smile Assessment, our Cosmetic Dentists will examine your teeth to establish if Porcelain Veneers are the appropriate choice for you, and will explain the full extent of the ‘Hollywood’ Smile Makeover procedure.

In this consultation, you will discuss the preferred shape, length, width and color of your new teeth. This is the patients’ opportunity to establish their desired outcomes and expectations upfront.


Our Dentist will proceed with taking impressions and photographs of the patient’s mouth, which will be used to develop temporary veneers and a Digital Smile Design preview of your new ‘Hollywood’ Smile Makeover for the second appointment.

This is done to ensure our new patients are 100% satisfied with their new smile before they commit.

Step 2 - Digital Smile Preview & Application

By utilizing our own laboratory, we create a set of temporary veneers based on the initial consultation requirements, which are ready for application if the patient goes ahead with this design. The Digital Smile Design preview is also shown to the patient.

Our Cosmetic Dentists will begin to work on the patients’ teeth, removing a very thin layer (half a millimeter) of the teeth’ enamel to make space for the temporary veneers. Depending on the patient, a local anesthesia may be used.

Once the removal process is finished, a new mold will be taken of your teeth and sent to our in-house lab where the permanent Porcelain Veneers are designed and created.

smile makeover with dental veneers in istanbul turkey

Step 3 -Permanent Placement

On the third and final visit, your beautiful custom Porcelain Veneers are installed.

Our Cosmetic Dentist will place the dental veneers on your teeth for evaluation, and they may need to be trimmed or altered to ensure the perfect fit.

Once your veneers fit perfectly, your teeth will be cleaned and polished and will have etching done in order to adhere to the cement that will permanently bond your veneers in place.

A high-quality dental cement is applied to each veneer and then placed onto your teeth. Once in position, our Cosmetic Dentist will use a special light on each veneer to harden the dental cement.

Once all your veneers have been installed, the excess dental cement will be removed, your bite assessed and you now have your very own Hollywood Smile!

Treatment after smile makeover with dental veneers

Think of your dental veneers as if they were your normal teeth. They need cleaning, care, and hygiene. It is not common that your makeover Smile teeth get stained but the edges that meet the tooth might do. So, in general, try to avoid food that can cause a stain.


Get away from hard materials! That meaning caramel, lollipops or anything that could break your dental veneers. We’re not saying that you won’t eat your favorite candy anymore. But you can avoid chewing them, so that way you prevent any veneer to break.

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