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Rhinoplasty (nose surgery)

Nose job reshaping surgery in turkey, Morocco and Malaysia

Facial beauty is manifested by having symmetrical proportion, balanced shape and harmonious face areas; cheek, chin, jaw line, nose

Rhinoplasty, called also nose job reshaping surgery  it’s a very common in Turkey  either for women or men. The main purpose for the rhinoplasty is resolve respiration dysfunction in the nose, or to improve the shape, symmetry and better proportion with the other areas of the face.

A rhinoplasty properly done by qualified nose surgeon can improve self-confidence and make the face appear with more proportional features and harmonious.

The nose reshaping procedure affects directly the nasal structure that includes the skin, bone and cartilage. For so many goals the nose surgery could be done:

  • correct a tortuous nose.
  • modify the width of the nostrils.
  • reduce the length of the prominent nasal tip.
  • tight the nose size that looks larger in the face.
  • restore nose subjected to injury.
  • unblocked nasal airways to correct respiration dysfunction.

nose job reshaping surgey Plan

Before to start the intervention you will have to meet our doctor for an initial consultation, in which you will discuss the cosmetic goals you want achieve and evaluate if you are good candidate for this procedure, you will be asked to provide any information about your past and present medical conditions. Then the surgeon will examine measure and photograph the areas subject to the intervention.

Step 1 -Anesthesia

Step 2 - The incision

Depending on the patient nasal structure the incision will be performed inside the nose or outside by the columella, the part that separate the nostrils.
To start reshaping the nasal structure, the skin above bones and cartilages will be softly raised.

nose job reshaping surgery in turkey

Step 3 - reshaping the nose structure

To tight the nose size that looks larger in the face surgeon may reduce bone or cartilage. Otherwise some patient may need additional cartilage that will be grafted from the septum and sometimes from the ear.

Step 3 - Correcting a deviated septum

In case of nasal airways dysfunction caused by deviated septum, it can be corrected and the projections inside the nose reduced.
Once the nose structure is reshaped as wanted, the nasal incision will be closed with sutures.

nose job reshaping surgery in turkey

Recovery Period after the nose job surgery

Our team will stay in touch with you and assist you during your recovery period. The pain after the surgery is easily controlled. During your initial healing you may get packing placed inside your nose and a bandage will be places outside to keep new structure. You will be mobile from the first day after the procedure and in couple of weeks you should be back to your daily. First and second week you need to sleep face-up, other Specific instructions about dressings and how to care the surgical site will be given to you.

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