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Men Hair Transplant

Men's hair transplant in : - Turkey - Morocco - Malaysia.

You lost or start loosing your hair ? You thinking of a men’s haire transpalnt in turkey, morocco or Malaysian. we will explain you all about hair transplantation and how you can start your treatment.

Generally, two thirds of men start to achieve a prominent hair loss degree around the age 30 to 40 years, the studies have proved that pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia is mostly caused by dominant genetic linkage, it was explained by the conversion of the hormone of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone. and also Women have not been exempt from the hair loss too.

Reasons for men's hair loss

Before getting into surgical treatment make sure medication can or can’t resolve the problem. Non-surgical treatment can be effective in the first stages of hair loss. We consider two medications has been approved to treat the pattern baldness:

– Androgen-dependent hair loss medications: stopping the process of conversing of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone by using Finasteride, after three months we notice hair growth, but you should know the Finasteride can cause some sexual dysfunction for men. 

– Androgen-independent hair loss medications: by using Minoxidil he helps expanding head blood vessels and then stimulate the hair growth, 40% of men has been noticed good result after 3 months.

If men and women have developed pattern baldness, hair loss specialist recommend hair transplantation treatment- an advanced surgery in the aesthetic field because of high developed techniques used and the proven natural result it gives, since the hair transplantation developed the two revolutionary techniques :

Men's FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant)

Fut teechnique for men's hair transplant in turkey

FUT is a technique that involves to cut a thin strip of hair from a donor area (back or the side of the head) and treated by experienced technicians and microscopes, using a tiny one-millimeter in diameter instrument, to make tiny circular holes in the recipient area, a units ot 2,3 or 4 hairs each will be placed in the holes one by one. Since 20 years this technique was revolutionary about restoring natural hairline result, however the FUT have limits and unachievable results, it causes scar in the donor area which need care for both recipient and donor areas.

Male FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

fut men's hair transplant in turkey

FUE comes to give the same FUT results but avoiding it downsides, it consists to collect follicular units from the donor scalp without performing any incision, then the units are places in the recipient site.

Postoperative men's hair transplant care

The patient will be discharged from the hospital the same day, bandage will be applied on the donor area if the FUT where chosen, the recipient site is kept without bandage.

The treated area will be subjected to some swelling. Spay, antibiotic and oral steroids are given for the 3-5 days after, Minoxidil lotion is advised to applied after 4 weeks for a period of 6 months.

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