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Eyebrow Transplant

Hair transplant for eyebrow alopecia in turkey, Morocco and Malaysia.

In this article we will be explaining how is the hair transplant for eyebrow alopecia is done in our Healthcare Network in Turkey, Morocco and Malaysia.

Eyebrows are considered most aesthetic part in the face as they are the way for so many face expression and master lines, they give symmetry to the face by framing the eyes, but due to a variety of heath or genetic conditions the eyebrows can be partially or totally lost which result profound change in the look and affect the person self-confidence.


What is the hair transplant treatment for eyebrow alopecia

For eyebrow hair loss the transplantation has been performed since so long time, however the procedure is so complicated  and needs precision by qualified surgeon, it involves anatomy knowledge about how to design a desired shape in harmony with the face and the eyes. The concept of the surgery is to transferring hair follicles from a donor area to the receiving eyebrow are, basically the donor the hair follicles are harvested from the rear scalp or the legs areas. eyebrow transplant is mostly indicated for cosmetic raisons and for the following cases:

  • congenital absence of the eyebrow hair.
  • Insufficient hair density and coverage.
  • Trichotillomania.
  • Trauma scar and burn.
  • Permanent alopecia areata.

Is Hair transplant for Eyebrow alopecia fit to me?

The candidate for the eyebrow transplant procedure should have realistic expectation about the coverage and the density to achieve by one cession, should present one of the raisons where we recommend the procedure.


Eyebrow hair transplant surgery plan in turkey

Step 1 - Selecting hair transplant method

Previously, the eyebrow surgery was referring to the strip grafting technique that is more invasive and causing poor growth and not desired hair direction. Today most hair transplant surgeries are applying the FUE technique, Follicular Unit Extraction is made without causing any sutures or unease in a short time

Step 2 - Hairline Designing

our physician will ask you about the shape you want get and he will made an effort to mark the hair direction to get better result.


Step 3 - Preparing the Hair Follicles

After identify the donor area which mostly the rear scalp and trimming the hair on it, the follicular units are removed individually using a tiny one-millimeter in diameter instrument, to make tiny circular incision around the grafts.

Step 4 - Implantation

once the grafts are ready, small incisions matched to your natural eyebrow pattern will be made, and then grafts will be placed one by one.

After procedure eyebrow alopecia hair transplant :

Our team will stay in touch with you and assist you after your eyebrow implant procedure. The pain after the procedure is easily controlled. You will be mobile from the first day after the procedure. The instructions you need to follow are:

  • During tow day after the procedure, the donor area stays covered and the eyebrow area kept open.
  • Spay, antibiotic and oral steroids are given for the 3-5 days after.

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