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Ear Surgery

The best ear correction surgery in : Turkey, Morocco, Malaysia

WHY Ear correction surgery ?

Modern medicine offers an elegant solution for the auricular deformity. known by Otoplasty or Ear correction surgery , it’s a simple procedure that aims adjusting and repositioning the ear shape. and it gives outstanding result with a balanced and symmetrical look between the face and the ears.

Prominent or large ears. mostly show up from a very early age with an estimated incident 0.5% to 15% in newborns, we consider auricular deformity as a serious problem. because it doesn’t affect only the head aesthetic and face symmetry, but it embarrasses people and prevent social and professional interaction, for children it causes social and psychological trauma, which is harder to treat than the physical procedure. Most surgeons recommend to perform the Ear correction surgery on younger patients because the ear cartilage is soft and more pliable and because it prevent any social implications.

Ear correction surgery goals ?

Otoplasty or correction the Ear Shape is for those patients seeking for the following goals:

  • correct the ear anatomic defects.
  • make the inferior and superior poles aligned with the concha.
  • acquire a good shape for the auriculocephalic angles.
  • Maintaining the postauricular sulcus .
  • Preserving the position of the helical rim lateral to the antihelix .

The ear surgery knows the appearance of a variety of techniques and unlimited options, so our surgeons will properly consider the ear anatomy and algorithm in order to apply the right techniques, that will be discussed with the patient to meet his goals, in addition to this patient should keep realistic with the expectations.

Ear surgery Correction Plan

as a preoperative evaluation our surgeon will deeply examine your ear size, symmetry, projection and shape, you will also be asked to provide any information about your past and present medical conditions. Then the surgeon will examine, measure and photograph the areas subject to the intervention.

Step 1 -Anesthesia

Step 2 - The incision

Most Ear correction surgeries incisions are made behind the ear surface to hide the scars, when it necessary, in the front there are hidden within the folds. Depending on your ear anatomy and your cosmetic goals our surgeon will choose the suitable techniques to apply:

  • Cartilage-cutting techniques: by using a scalpel or radio frequency cautery incisions. the cartilage will be subjected to excisions, scoring and abrasion, this technique guarantees a long term stability result.
  • Cartilage-sparing technique: this method allows to maintain the structural support of the cartilage, by decreasing the incidence of contour irregularities.
  • Modern Otoplasty favours : it combine suture approach, and, one it necessary, adding cartilage cutting methods until the desired results are achieved.
incison during ear correction surgery in turkey

Step 3 - Closing the incisions

posterion incision for ear correction surgery performed in casablanca

Recovery Period for The Ear Correction Surgery

The postoperative care advised is:

  • The application Bacitracin ointment to the suture line.
  • Using an elastic bandage to wrap the head for the 2 days after the surgery and during the night for 2 weeks.

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