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Chin Implants

Chin Implant for Good facial features

Facial beauty is manifested by having symmetrical proportion, balanced shape and harmonious face areas; cheek, nose, jaw line, Chin augmentation or chin implant to have a good facial feature, it’s known also by mentoplasty, it’s a procedure that aims to reshape the chin either by using an implant or chin reduction on the bone.

Chin enlargement

Maldeveloped or malformed chin requires chin implant surgery by using shaped silicone to have good facial features. For chin augmentation silicone is highly recommended as resistant device and non-reactive to the face tissue fluids also does not become absorbed or calcified. If necessary your surgeon may order for you a tailored implant of silicone.
As direct effect the chin implant add fullness and balance to a face and thinning chin. To have apparent result surgeon may recommend to combine chin implant surgery with rhinoplasty / cheek implant / face lift…

Chin implant for good facial features

Chin Reduction

For those patients who have their chin over projected and large proportion chin reduction is performed to have balanced face shape. This procedure involves shaving the chin bone in the case of a slightly over prominent chin, and performing a small bone cut in the case of a larger chin. 

Chin enhancement surgey Plan

Before to start the intervention you will have to meet our doctor for an initial consultation, in which you will discuss the cosmetic goals you want achieve and evaluate if you are good candidate for this procedure, you will be asked to provide any information about your past and present medical conditions. Then the surgeon will examine measure and photograph the areas subject to the chin surgery.


Step 1 -Anesthesia

For your comfort during the procedure our doctor will recommend the best option of intravenous sedation and general anesthesia.

Step 2 - The incision

Depending on your case your surgeon will choose one of the tow available techniques to insert the implant; the first is an incision underneath the chin and the second is inside the mouth.

For an overly projecting chin your surgeon may proceed to remove a part of your chin bone. 

Chin implant for good facial features

Step 3 - Closing the incisions

tapes or clips may be used to close the skin incisions.

Recovery Period

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