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Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction With Minimal Scars

hight number of women go for Breast Reduction With Minimal Scarsfor for some raisons that could be genetic, puberty or weight gain, some women develop a large breasts size which result a physical pain (Neck ache, back ache, shoulder pain, Skin irritations underneath the breast fold …) and emotional distress for patients. so women they resort to the Breast reduction also called mammoplasty which involve to remove the excess breast tissue, this surgery helps patients to:

  • uplifted and light breasts .
  • Enhance the breast's shape.
  • perform common physical activities.
  • Self-image and feel more confident .
  • feel comfortable .
  • bras and swimsuits fit more comfortably.

How is the breast reduction surgery with minimal scras is done?

after getting consultation about your medical condition and history, our surgeon will take photos of your breasts and will speak to you about the size of tissue you want remove to achieve your goal. generally, the operation takes around 1 and half to 3hours under general anesthetic and the stay in the hospital could be 1 to 2 nights, depending the size and the type of your breasts they will be operated by one the appropriate method and our surgeon will also suggest to you tha available options to perform a breast reduction with minimal scars.

  • Anchor-type or Inverted T reduction.
  • Vertical scar reduction.
  • Circumareolar reduction .
incision for breast reduction with minimal scars
size for breast reduction surgery

these are our patients share their photos after breast reduction with small scars

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