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Cheek Implants

Affordable cheek augmentation in: Turkey & Morocco & Malaysia

Some individuals may be dissatisfied or unhappy with how their face contour looks like, looking for affordable cheek augmentation or cheek implants in turkey, morocco or malaysia is one of the procedures that restore smooth, create a balanced face appearance and add fullness and height to cheeks.

The most reasons and facial symptoms for a cheek implants:

  • lacking symmetry of the face.
  • undeveloped area of the face.
  • due to health condition some face areas are deformed.
  • lost face volume due to aging process.

Cheek augmentation by implants are made of solid, soft silicone or spongy substances that integrate easily the surrounding tissues. Each implant is inserted through an incision inside the mouth or sometimes in the lower eyelid.

Instead of cheek implants other options are available like fat transfer by using patient’s own fat. Also nonsurgical option is used by injectable fillers. 

Cheek augmentation surgery plan

Before to start the intervention you will have to meet our doctor for an initial consultation, in which you will discuss the cosmetic goals you want achieve and evaluate if you are good candidate for this procedure, you will be asked to provide any information about your past and present medical conditions. Then the surgeon will examine measure and photograph the areas subject to the cheek augmentation.

Step 1 -Anesthesia

for your comfort during the procedure our doctor will apply the best option of intravenous sedation or general anesthesia.

Step 2 - The incision

In the first option of cheek augmentation by using the patient’s own fat. a small incision will be made (just several millimeters in length) near the cheeks. If an implant will be used the incision could be inside the mouth or under the eyelid.

Affordable cheek augmentation surgery in Turkey

Step 3 - Closing the incisions

The incision could be closed with sutures or skin glues to seal the incisions.

Recovery Period for cheek augmentation

these are our patients share their before and after photos

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